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  1. A general orientation concerning the philosophy, purpose and service of the clinical education center.
  2. Selected clinical experience and/or observations pertaining to all aspects of the RADSC Program, adequate facilities, equipment, and supplies which are essential to the clinical experience sessions conducted at the clinical education center.
  3. Adequate supervision of the students by the clinical instructor.
  4. Observation and/or participation in selected conferences and educational inservice programs held for the purpose of planning or improving patient care in the clinical education center for the RADSC student and documentation there of on the appropriate form.
  5. Time for designated member(s) of the appropriate service staff of the clinical education center to plan jointly with the program director for the clinical education of students.
  6. Emergency medical care for injury or illness of students, at the students own expense, in the clinical education center until provisions can be made for continued care.
  7. Access to the dining facilities of the clinical education center. Students shall be individually responsible for the cost of meals.
  8. Cooperation and/or participation with the University for concurrent evaluation of the program.
  9. Locker space for students.
  10. Available parking, though student is responsible for any required fee.

Rev 8/02