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Under HIPAA, measures have been taken to protect the identity and confidentiality of individuals receiving health care. Not only are health care providers held more accountable for the storage and transmission of confidential information, but they also may face heavy penalties for failure to abide by specific ethical and legal standards. As a student radiographer, you must understand and abide by the standards set forth under HIPAA.

To meet this requirement, Penn State has developed an online training course in HIPAA and made it available on ANGEL. This is a Penn State requirement, and all students must participate in this activity, regardless of whether you have taken it previously in clinical orientation . This online training course must be completed by all Radiological Science students before beginning their clinical rotations .

To complete the training, you must learn the standards that have been set forth and score 80% or higher on a 20-item multiple-choice quiz (if necessary, you may take the quiz more than once). After passing the quiz with a score of 80% or higher, you must complete the Pennsylvania State University Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Policy Awareness and Compliance For Students Form and return it to the Penn State Chief Privacy Officer, 518C Rider Building, University Park, PA 16802. Be sure to list your supervising faculty member's name, Mr. David K. Rill, on the space provided on the form.

To participate in the HIPAA for Students Training on ANGEL, follow these steps:

•  Go to the ANGEL Home Page

•  Click on “Group Search” in the left-hand margin

•  Under “Keyword Search”, type HIPAA

•  Click “Penn State HIPAA for Students”

•  Follow the directions found on the page