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Dual enrollment students can take a variety of courses at Penn State Schuylkill.

Below is a list of courses that have been taken as dual enrollment in previous semesters. Visit the Schedule of Courses web page for available courses in your semester of interest. Additional courses may be available based on individual student needs or interests.

Please contact us if you have questions about a specific course not listed below.

ART 020 Intro Drawing

ART 050 Intro Painting

CAS 100 Effective Speech

CLMIT 003 Intro African Lit

COMM 150  Cinema Art

CRIMJ 012  Criminology

CRIMJ 013  Juvenile Delinquency

CRIMJ 100  Intro to Criminal Justice

ECON 102  Micro Economics

ECON 104  Macro Economics

ENGL 015  Rhetoric and Composition (SAT Writing score of 460 or higher is required)

ENGL 030  Honors Freshman Composition (SAT Writing score of 620 or higher is required)

ENGL 050  Intro to Creative Writing

ENGL 104  The Bible as Literature

GAME 160 Video Game Culture

GAME 250 Introduction Game Development (requires placement testing)

GER 001  Elementary German I

GER 002 Elementary German II

GER 003 Intermediate German

HD FS 129  Intro to Human Development and Family Studies

HD FS 229  Infancy to Childhood

HD FS 249  Adult Development and Aging

HIST 001  Western Heritage I

HIST 012  Pennsylvania

HIST 020 Amer Civ to 1877

HIST 021  Amer Civ from 1877

HIST 100  Ancient Greece

HIST 121  The Holocaust

IST 110  Information, People, and Technology

MATH 021  College Algebra I (requires placement testing)

MATH 022  College Algebra II (requires placement testing)

MATH 026  Plane Trigonometry (requires placement testing)

MATH 110  Tech Calculus 1 (requires placement testing)

MATH 140  Calculus Anly Geometry I (requires placement testing)

MATH 141  Calculus Anly Geometry II (requires placement testing)

MUSIC 004  Film Music

MUSIC 005  Intro to Western Music

MUSIC 007  Evolution of Jazz

NUTR 251  Intro to Principles of Nutrition

PSYCH 100  Intro to Psychology

SOC 001  Intro to Sociology

SOC 012  Criminology

SOC 013  Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 015  Urban Sociology

SOC 030  Sociology of Family

SOC 110 Sociology of Gender

SPAN 001  Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 002  Elementary Spanish II (must have successfully completed equivalent of SPAN 001 in high school)

SPAN 003  Intermediate Spanish (must have successfully completed equivalent of SPAN 002 in high school)

STAT 200  Elementary Statistics (requires placement testing)

THEA 102  Acting Fundamentals

THEA 105  Intro to Theatre

THEA 282 Production Practicum


To contact the campus registrar, stop in the bottom floor of the B Building, call 570-385-6125, or email eml10@psu.edu.


* The University reserves the right to cancel any courses because of insufficient enrollment or for any other valid reason. Calendar, registration, and course information in this publication are subject to change without notice.