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Admissions decisions for first-year students are determined by a combination of factors...


Approximately two-thirds of the decision for each student is based on high school performance.

  • High school record (Final grades 9-11 and senior year schedule) 
  • AP/IB/Honors courses, weighting, and class rank
  • Required Carnegie (high school) Units

The remaining one-third of the decision is based on other factors including standardized test scores, personal statement, and activities list.

  • Standardized Test Scores (SAT or ACT)
  • Must take all 3 Parts (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing)
  • Requires scores sent from testing agency to be (School code: SAT=2660 & ACT=3656)
  • No Super Scoring...Best combined score from one test date   
  • Other considerations (activities & personal statement)

For more information about Penn State admission requirements, including information about individual majors and information for transfer students, click here. 

The ranges in the chart below represent the middle fifty percent of students offered admission to Penn State for the previous academic year. These ranges are not cutoffs or averages, but are meant to help you determine where you will be a competitive admissions candidate. Keep in mind that there are many ways to earn a Penn State degree.



  High School GPA 

  Combined SAT 

  Combined ACT   

 Penn State Campuses

 (Including Penn State Schuylkill)  

 2.98 - 3.50

1470 - 1720

20 - 25 

 Penn State University Park

 3.52 - 3.97

1750 - 1990

25 - 30




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