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Attention high school juniors and seniors! Receive a scholarship worth 50% of your tuition!

Are you a high school junior or senior?

Do you want to get a head start on college classes while you are still in high school?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then DUAL ENROLLMENT at Penn State Schuylkill is for you! The Penn State Schuylkill DUAL ENROLLMENT program affords the following advantages to local students:

  • Experiencing college courses instructed by Penn State faculty
  • Becoming a part of our campus community
  • Use of our on-campus resources: the Academic Resource Center, tutoring, advising, library, and computer facilities
  • Completing many of your college required general education requirements before high school graduation
  • Credits earned can be applied to a Penn State degree (at any Penn State campus)
  • Credits earned that may also be considered for transfer to another institution
  • As soon as you finish your sophomore year in high school, you can be considered for dual enrollment classes
  • You will automatically receive a scholarship that pays 50% of your tuition. So, taking courses early also means paying half of the cost of tuition! 

Are you interested in becoming a DUAL ENROLLMENT student at Penn State Schuylkill? Click on the link below to learn how to apply:

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law (PACPSL) Compliance Statement

Annually, over 600 high school students schedule college courses from a multitude of disciplines at Penn State campuses. Additional information regarding Penn State’s dual enrollment eligibility and registration process can be found on this website.

Per recent changes to the PACPSL, Penn State Schuylkill will continue to provide courses for qualified dual enrolled students, fully compliant with the required background checking requirements listed below:   

Faculty who teach classes in which dual enrolled students under the age of eighteen are registered, as well as staff who provide professional or support services, such as advising, counseling, or tutoring and students who serve in peer roles such as advising, mentoring, or tutoring to these students, are required by State law to have the following three clearances: Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check (SP4-164), Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) and Federal (FBI) Fingerprint Criminal Background Check (Criminal History Report).  Effective January 1, 2016, all individuals (current employees and new hires) interacting with dual enrolled students under the age of eighteen are required to have valid clearances in place.   

In order to ensure compliance in all future semesters, Penn State Schuylkill will identify sections of courses that typically enroll the most high school students and can confirm that faculty teaching these courses have completed the required background checks. This course list will be shared with current and future dual enrolled students through their guidance counselors and academic advisers and through print and web information.  

In addition, staff and students who provide services such as academic advising, tutoring and mentoring will be required to complete the three required background checks.

Questions regarding Penn State Schuylkill’s compliance with PACPSL can be directed to the Office of Enrollment Services at 570-385-6252 for information.