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Contact Patty Shoener, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

at 570-385-6262 or pts11@psu.edu

Alumni Board 2011

Online Application
It's quick and easy to join the Penn State Alumni Association, or renew your membership. Alumni can fill out the alumni/friend online application, and students can join the Blue & White Society by accessing the student online application. Enter your credit card number (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or AMEX) onto the electronic application. Your transactions are fully encrypted and secure.

Future Meeting Dates

May 2, 2015, at 9:00 a.m.

All meetings are held in the Classroom Building, Room 100


A Letter from our President:

I am honored to join the ranks of past presidents such as Liz Bligan '81, '98g,  Joel Koch '83, Barbara Kern '66, '70g, and Carl Rosenberger '81. I share  a deep sense of pride with others in belonging to this growing group. The new year brings with it many new and exciting events.

For over ten years now, the Schuylkill Alumni Society Board has brought a passion and excellence to all that is Penn State Schuylkill. I thank this innovative group of professionals for their drive for excellence. It brings great pride to us all, the current, as well as, the future alumni.

As a member of the Penn State Alumni Association, I encourage you to become actively involved. Take advantage of the many benefits that come with your membership. It is my belief that the Alumni Society should serve as both a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, and as a resource, always encouraging future generations. We hope that you will join us at one of our events!


David Gonzalez '02, '03, '04


Alumni Society Board Members:

David Gonzalez '02, '03, '04, President

Jeffrey J. Vrabel '81, Vice-President

Sallie Sandler '86, '99g,  Secretary/Treasurer

Karen Beruck, '07, '11

Michael F. Catino, P.E. '70, '81g

Kyle Heffner '08

Kimberly Lorimer '98, '03

John Powers '71

Carl K. Rosenberger '81

Anthony J.Rosini '71

Lisa A. David Schroeder '85

Mary Ann Sleeva '74

Shelley Tomey '03

Greg Wisloksi, '87

Julie Wisner '07

Barbara Jean Krupa, '70
Schuylkill Chapter President

Dr. Doranne Polcrack,
Faculty Representative

Corvenia Collins,
Blue and White Society President

Gabriel Rohrberg,
Student Government President

Kelly M. Austin, Ph.D.

Jane Zintak,
Director of Development

Patricia Troy Shoener, MBA, '05, '09
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations