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Date: October 15, 2015

From: Kelly M. Austin, chancellor
         Cheryl A. Holland, director of Business Services

To: Penn State Schuylkill faculty and staff

Re: Campus closings and cancellations

During the winter months, severe weather conditions may require the cancellation of classes or the closing of the campus on either a partial or full-day basis and circumstances may call for:

  • Two hour delay: Classes begin at 10:00 a.m.  We will follow the normal class schedule for the remainder of the day. When a two-hour delay is announced, the first two hours of class time are eliminated. Instructors of those classes will announce make-up dates and times. Students are to report to their class at 10:00 a.m., even though in some cases, it would already be in progress. All faculty and staff are to report at their regularly scheduled times.
  • Campus will open at [time will be indicated]: This statement applies to all but essential employees. Students are to report to their class at the indicated time, even though in some cases, it would already be in progress. All afternoon and evening classes will be held after the time indicated. Staff should report at time indicated.
  • Campus will close at [time will be indicated]: All operations after the closing time will be terminated. All but essential staff will be authorized to leave at the time indicated.
  • Campus is Closed: Only essential staff should report.
  • Compressed Schedule: The compressed schedule will be used whenever a decision has been made to modify the regular schedule. Revised class periods will be posted on the campus website.

General Guidelines:

When the chancellor makes the decision to close Penn State Schuylkill, or delay the start of classes, the regional media will be notified at one-and-one-half hours prior to the standard 8:00 a.m. reporting time for staff, and before the start of the earliest scheduled class. The announcement will apply to all classes for the period affected, that is, morning, afternoon, or evening according to the specific situation.

The campus will make its announcement in the following ways:

  1. An announcement will be placed on the Penn State Schuylkill Weather Delay & Emergency Information Line. All employees and students can access the system by calling 570-385-6220.
  2. Information will be placed on the Penn State Schuylkill web page: http://www.sl.psu.edu
  3. A Message will be sent via the Penn State Emergency Notification System: PSUALERT
  4. Local media stations will be notified and given the appropriate message to broadcast.

Interpreting the Various Scripts Used by Media Outlets: Penn State Schuylkill will do everything it can to deliver clear and concise messages to the media.

Please note that some media outlets release only minimal information and may use terminology different from Penn State’s. The official Penn State information will be found on the various electronic systems, Weather Delay Information Line, campus website, and PSUALERT System, noted above. Most media operators use computer systems with limited memory and often remove critical weather information after a few hours. Please refer to the Weather Delay Information Line, campus website, and the PSUALERT system if you have any questions about the weather situation at Penn State Schuylkill.

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, please call:

Weather Delay & Emergency Information Line

(570) 385-6220


RADIO                           STATION                       WEB SITE

Pottsville                        WAVT – 101.9 FM
                                    WPPA – 1360 AM

Reading                        WRFY – 102.5 FM        http://www.wrfy.com
Harrisburg                    WRVV – 97.3 FM         http://www.wrvv.com/pages/stormwatch.html


Wilkes-Barre                WNEP-TV (16)             http://www.wnep.com
                                    WYOU-TV (22)             http://www.wyou.com
                                    WBRE-TV (28)             http://www.wbre.com

Lancaster                        WGAL –TV (8)             http://www.wgal.com/closings/index.html


PSU Schuylkill Web Site                                    http://www.sl.psu.edu


PSUAlert                                                        https://psualert.psu.edu/psualert/

  • PSUAlert is Penn State's emergency notification system for students, faculty and staff. The system will be used to alert members of Penn State's campus communities of emergencies, campus closings and other urgent information. Using this portal, students, faculty and staff can choose to receive PSUAlert messages by text message, voice message, and email.
  • Registration is via the web. To sign up, visit https://psualert.psu.edu/psualert/ and follow the instructions.