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General Provisions

Penn State Schuylkill’s Traffic and Parking Regulations are designed to accomplish these three objectives:

  •        To provide for the efficient use of parking space and the orderly flow of traffic
  •        To protect the safety and security of persons and property
  •        To ensure consistent and fair representation of the needs of the entire campus community

 All provisions of the Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must be enforced. Provisions of these regulations are in effect at all times, unless otherwise announced.

All vehicles are subject to these regulations. The operator is responsible for knowing the regulations and for informing others who operate vehicles on campus on his or her behalf. Any parking violations, regardless of who is driving, shall be the responsibility of the registrant.

Students, whether they reside on or off campus must register their vehicles with the Penn State Schuylkill Office of Police Services if their vehicles will be driven or parked on campus at any time. Faculty and Staff must register their vehicles with the Office of Business Services.  Visitors to campus are encouraged to obtain a guest pass from Business Services, prior to driving or parking their vehicles on campus.

Each parking permit is registered to a person, not his or her vehicle. Only one motor vehicle can be used on campus in conjunction with the parking permit at any given time.

Rules & Regulations