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Intramural sports are widely popular at Schuylkill. Students are asked to form their own teams and then the schedule is made by John Cooper,Athletic Director.All games are played Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Noon and Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30.  Games usually last approximately 1 hr.

In the Fall, there is co-ed softball, co-ed beach,  volleyball, Powder Puff football and men's flag football. During the winter, usually in January and February, there is men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Also, during the winter to coincide with the phys. ed. ping pong class,there is a ping pong tournament set up.

Finally, during March and April, I/M co-ed volleyball is very popular in the gym.

A listing of the intramural sports at Penn State Schuylkill is as follows:

  • Co-ed Softball - Fall
  • Flag Football - Fall
  • Co-ed Soccer - Fall
  • Co-ed Basketball - Winter
  • Co-ed Volleyball - Spring
  • 3 on 3 B-ball Tourney - Spring
  • Ping Pong Tourney - Spring
  • Horshoe Tourney - Spring