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Assistant Director of Student Affairs (Residential Operations)

Valerie Clay                                           
Health and Wellness Building, Room 209
Phone: 570-385-6246
Email: VNC1@psu.edu

Housing Manager

Kimberly Quinn
Nittany Apartments V, Room 500
Phone: 570-385-6104
Email: KAB239@psu.edu

Coordinator of Residence Life

Carol King 
Nittany Apartments V
Phone: 570-385-6032
Email: CDK23@psu.edu  

Nittany Apartment Residential Assistants (RAs)

Nittany Apartments I

Kenya Pine (Head Resident Assistant)
Apartment #104
Phone: 570-385-6506
Email: KSP5119@psu.edu

Nittany Apartments II

Samuel Elvin
Apartment #208
Phone: 570-385-6520   
Email: SRE5079@psu.edu

Corvenia Collins
Apartment #212
Phone: 570-385-6525  
Email: CLC5612@psu.edu

Nittany Apartments III

Rodney Jones
Apartment #305
Phone: 570-385-6532  
Email: RJJ5132@psu.edu

Ashley May
Apartment #312
Phone: 570-385-6540  
Email: ALM6147@psu.edu

Nittany Apartments IV

Carrel Reid
Apartment #406
Phone: 570-385-6548  
Email: CJR5435@psu.edu

Zhane Reid
Apartment  #412
Phone: 570-385-6555
Email: ZVR5037@psu.edu

Nittany Apartments V

William Bracey
Apartment #501
Phone: 570-385-6557  
Email: WJB5227@psu.edu

Camisha Prince
Apartment #511
Phone: 570-385-6565
Email: CSP5188@psu.edu

Desk Phone in Nittany V (570) 385-6665