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The Penn State Schuylkill Cheerleaders support the men and women’s basketball teams.
They also make appearances at community events and
campus fund raisers, and participate in cheerleading competitions.

The cheerleaders encourage school spirit and motivate the students to become involved.

 Cheer Comp

Annual try-outs are held in mid-September.
Students can sign-up at the Activities Fair and an email will be
sent to the entire campus community with the dates of the try-outs
after the start of the fall semester.


Coach and KINES 096 Instructor: Jennifer Kunetz

Staff Adviser: Jodi Staller



Schuylkill Cheer

The Penn State Schuylkill Cheerleaders are featured in the viral video "Where the Hell is Matt - 2012 Dancing".

Click HERE to watch the video! 
Our cheerleaders are featured at :13 seconds and 1:51.


John Cooper
Athletic Director

Jodi Staller
Staff Adviser