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One-third of the students attending Penn State Schuylkill either live at home with their families or reside in private, off-campus facilities. All students living off campus are entitled to full use of University services, privileges and facilities, as well as University events and activities. It is important that off-campus students are aware of the services available to them. These include, but are not limited to:

·          Center for Academic Success Tutoring

·          Clubs and organizations

·          Cultural events

·          Commuter Advisory Board

·          Health services

·          Help finding an off-campus housing

·          Library and computer lab

·          Lounge area when you need to relax

·          Personal Counseling

·          Police services for your safety, security and protection

·          Recreation and fitness facilities

·          Student activities

The faculty and administrative staff are available to see you when you need help for any reason. Finally, the Office of Student Affairs is specifically designated to serve you. Be sure to contact Student Affairs if you have any questions or concerns.

Office of Student Affairs

Health and Wellness Building, Suite 209

Valerie Clay
Assistant Director of Student Affairs
570-385-6246   vnc1@psu.edu

Karen Beruck
Administrative Support Assistant
570-385-6115    kdb132@psu.edu