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ANGEL, Penn State's Course Management System
Penn State's Course Management System, A New Global Environment for Learning (ANGEL), is a software application that enables instructors to manage course materials, communication (including email, chat rooms, and threaded discussions), quizzing, surveys, and certain aspects of grading from one online location without the need to know HTML.

Automatic Email Reply Message Utility
This service lets faculty and staff create an automatic email reply message to email messages that are received while on vacation, on sabbatical, or on leave from the University.

A collection of software for Penn State faculty, staff, and students that may be installed on personal and departmental computers to access the Internet, electronic mail, and other network services.

Penn State Portal
The Penn State Portal is your personalized view of University and Internet resources. Similar to My Netscape or My Yahoo!, the Penn State Portal lets you collect all of your favorite content in one place. You decide what you want to see and how you want to see it by editing the customizable Web page channels and channel content.

PASS Gateway
The Penn State Access Account Storage Space (PASS) Gateway service allows you to access your PASS in the Distributed Filesystem (DFS) without a DFS client.

PASS Explorer (via the Penn State Portal)
The PASS Explorer tool lets you transfer files quickly and easily between PASS and a local directory/folder on your machine

Secure Shell File Transfer (SSH)
This file transfer software is downloadable for free from the Penn State server.

The "UDrive" is a central file service provide via Windows servers for lab and tech class users to save private files and share files with other users.  The name "UDrive" comes from popular usage because the "share" is usually "mapped" as the drive letter "U".  Instructions can be found here to sign up for the "UDrive" as well as how to map the "UDrive" from home computers.

Software Downloads - https://downloads.its.psu.edu/
Downloads for various software, including the Cisco VPN Client, email clients, file transfer utilities, calendaring software, etc.

Personal Web Server - http://www.personal.psu.edu/
Penn State faculty, students, and staff are provided with up to a gigabyte of webspace and other storage on University Park servers. This is the URL where your webspace can be accessed. For example, if your user ID is abc123, the URL to access your site would be http://www.personal.psu.edu/abc123.

Directory - http://www.psu.edu/ph
A full directory of all Penn State students, faculty, and staff. This site allows you to search for people using either their user ID, name, or email address.

Information Technology Services (ITS) Secure Server - https://www.work.psu.edu/
Change your Penn State password, set up an email forwarding address for all of your Penn State email to be forwarded to, update your directory entry, and check your space quotas on your personal web space

Remote Printing - http://clc.its.psu.edu/printing/remote
Remote printing is the ability to print to selected ITS lab printers from non Lab machines. Pages will be accounted for just as if the printouts came from a ITS lab machine.

WebApps - http://clc.its.psu.edu/UnivServices/WebApps
WebApps provides access to several popular applications from a wide array of devices, and is available to anyone with a Penn State Access Account.  WebApps uses HTML5 instead of Java you don't need anything other than a modern browser to access the applications.

LabChat Services - To provide increased access to technology support, a new online chat service called LabChat is now available to the Penn State community in all ITS computer labs and technology classrooms. The service will provide students, faculty, and staff with real-time technical assistance (via online chat) when a lab consultant is not available in person. During these hours, experienced ITS Lab Consultants will be on hand to answer support questions about a range of computing topics such as Penn State Access Accounts, lab equipment, popular software, printing, and more.

Penn State’s Information Technology Services (ITS) has produced three creative, short videos targeted at students to help provide information and ways of protecting themselves on line. Students are encouraged to review these resources:

Protecting Your Online Accounts:

Phishing Scams: